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A Banksy in Park City

One of the best things I saw at Sundance wasn’t a moving picture.

While walking down Main Street in Park City today I happened to notice something that gave me pleasure. A Banksy. That is, a work of art created by the secretive street artist known as Banksy. 

The image is that of a cameraman kneeling down to pick a pink flower.

In 2010, his documentary "Exit Through The Gift Shop" premiered at the festival. He was in town and, although he didn’t make himself known in person, he did paint two graffiti pieces before he left.

They were covered with thick, protective, framed glass as you can sort of see in this photo. What may be harder to tell is that the glass is completely shattered.

At first I thought that was part of the art. But it turns out that on New Years Eve— just a few weeks ago— a vandal attacked both Banksys

He succeeded in breaking the glass over the other one and covering it with spray paint. But this one remains intact. Albeit now with another story to tell. 

According to local papers the vandal was a bitter street artist. 

-Darby Maloney, Producer of KCRW’s The Business

The Premiere of Lynn Shelton’s Latest “Laggies”

Pictured are John Horn and Kim Masters who banter about entertainment news on KCRW’s The Business and The Hollywood Breakdown each week. 

This photo was taken at the Eccles Theater — the largest venue at Sundance, seating upwards of 1200 people. 

They’d just come out of the world premiere of “Laggies"— the latest movie from Director Lynn Shelton (‘Humpday’) who’s been a regular at the festival over the years. 

Laggies" is a sweet take on the lost 20-something story with Kiera Knightly, Chloe Moretz and Sam Rockwell. A couple days after this premiere the film seems to be nearing a deal with a distributor. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, A24— the small distribution company that did well this year with “Spring Breakers" and "The Bling Ring"— is nearing a deal to pay $2 million for “Laggies”.

— By Darby Maloney

KCRW Producer Darby Maloney Previews Sundance

There are two films I’m looking forward to seeing and taken together they kind of show the range of what Sundance has to offer this year. 

One is the documentary Web Junkie which is made by a couple of Israeli filmmakers who track the phenomenon of internet addiction among youth in China and how they are treated for this disorder. Among the producers is Morgan Spurlock, so I’m intrigued.

The other is what’s been known over the past year as The Zach Braff Movie but whose real title is Wish I Was Here. Braff co-wrote it, directed it and stars in it. He— somewhat controversially— raised funds for the film on Kickstarter last year. We talked with him on The Business at the time and he defended going the crowdfunding route, which some thought he shouldn’t given his access to finances. Now it’s done and it’s premiering at the festival so I’m intrigued to see it.

-Darby Maloney, KCRW’s The Business