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The Premiere of Lynn Shelton’s Latest “Laggies”

Pictured are John Horn and Kim Masters who banter about entertainment news on KCRW’s The Business and The Hollywood Breakdown each week. 

This photo was taken at the Eccles Theater — the largest venue at Sundance, seating upwards of 1200 people. 

They’d just come out of the world premiere of “Laggies"— the latest movie from Director Lynn Shelton (‘Humpday’) who’s been a regular at the festival over the years. 

Laggies" is a sweet take on the lost 20-something story with Kiera Knightly, Chloe Moretz and Sam Rockwell. A couple days after this premiere the film seems to be nearing a deal with a distributor. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, A24— the small distribution company that did well this year with “Spring Breakers" and "The Bling Ring"— is nearing a deal to pay $2 million for “Laggies”.

— By Darby Maloney

Four Days to Sundance: Sound Mixing ‘Sweetwater’ with Logan & Noah Miller

The weeks leading up to Sundance are an exciting, but stressful, time for most filmmakers, especially since some of them get the call that they’ve made the cut before the film is completely finished. Their film, ‘Sweetwater,’ (pictured here) stars Ed Harris and January Jones, and will premiere in Park City on Thursday, January 24th.

Noah and Logan talk interchangeably and over each other, so don’t even try guessing who’s who.

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