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A Banksy in Park City

One of the best things I saw at Sundance wasn’t a moving picture.

While walking down Main Street in Park City today I happened to notice something that gave me pleasure. A Banksy. That is, a work of art created by the secretive street artist known as Banksy. 

The image is that of a cameraman kneeling down to pick a pink flower.

In 2010, his documentary "Exit Through The Gift Shop" premiered at the festival. He was in town and, although he didn’t make himself known in person, he did paint two graffiti pieces before he left.

They were covered with thick, protective, framed glass as you can sort of see in this photo. What may be harder to tell is that the glass is completely shattered.

At first I thought that was part of the art. But it turns out that on New Years Eve— just a few weeks ago— a vandal attacked both Banksys

He succeeded in breaking the glass over the other one and covering it with spray paint. But this one remains intact. Albeit now with another story to tell. 

According to local papers the vandal was a bitter street artist. 

-Darby Maloney, Producer of KCRW’s The Business